Groin hernias (Inguinal hernias)

Groin hernias (Inguinal hernias)... a very common surgical condition in infancy and childhood!

Clinical features:
There is a swelling in the groin that may extend to the scrotum.

Bowel descends through an abnormally wide or open inguinal canal.

Bowel needs to be manually reduced back into the abdominal cavity and the hernia should be surgically repaired without undue delay.
There is a special surgical technique for children. This operation should only be performed by a specialist trained in paediatric surgery.

Complications before surgical repair:

  • Strangulation / incarceration, a bowel loop becomes trapped in the hernial sac and can no longer be reduced manually.
  • The blood supply to the testicle is at risk and may become compromised.

A hard and painful swelling in the groin, rejection of feeds and vomiting are red flag symptoms. This is an emergency!

Our advice: Please see a paediatric surgeon immediately!

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